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We provide sustainable programs to empower people in need of physical, mental, and financial support in order
to restore their lives internally and externally.


We seek to make people the priority, providing resources to uplift, heal, empower, and enable individuals who are impacted by homelessness, abuse (physical and emotional), human trafficking, domestic violence, special needs, battling cancer, run-a-way, teenage pregnancy, elderly, supporting families impacted by 
incarceration, Veterans, 
and rescue dogs. 

Who we Are:

Point of Love is a movement dedicated to helping people.  We will be known for healing and empowering people to reach their full potential in society.

In offering the aforementioned services, Point of Love aims to have all of our constituents live a healthy, happy and safe life within their society with positive change, that we can provide for our constituents in their communities, putting them on track for success.

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