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Provide suitable housing for the homeless and others in need of housing by creating new housing opportunities (such as new shelters), working with property owners to donate a certain amount of property dedicated to helping people and/or purchasing current property for the sole purpose of helping constituents.


Provide general, financial, and social betterment education to help people obtain financial freedom by working with educators, libraries and schools.  In addition, including a bank within POL to help constituents understand the importance of banking and credit counseling. 


Human Trafficking:

Provide protection for victims of human trafficking by working with law enforcement, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)/International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGO), families and friends to give support to victims of domestic and international human trafficking. Providing housing, clothing, counseling, education and job training.



Provide protection for victims of abuse (physical and/or emotional) by creating safe houses for the child also working with governmental organizations and/or NGO’s/INGO’s to ensure children’s safety from their family, providing counseling and a safe environment in taking them out into the community.


Domestic Violence:

Provide protection for victims of domestic abuse by transitioning woman and children into safe houses working with governmental organizations and/or NGO’s/INGO’s to ensure people’s safety from their partners.


Special Needs:

Provide proper medical and emotional support that will help specials needs children and adults by creating programs and homes.  Including working with hospitals, doctor’s offices and/or other NGO’s/INGO’s to meet their necessary needs.



Provide healthy and nutritious meals for anyone by working with local restaurants, restaurateurs and volunteers in creating sufficient food for those in need, going into the communities and reaching people who may not have access.


Rescue Dog:

Providing our clients with a rescue dog if they choose to have one.

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